what are some things that gets told as facts but they’re really just revisionist history有那些事被称作事实,其实只是被篡改的历史
for example: Magic playing C in that game 6比如:魔术师在G6打中锋it gets tossed like he played the entire game at C. he def played C for that tip off, so for 2 seconds he was def the C.说的好像他整场都在打中锋一样。确实,魔术师作为中锋去跳球了,但也就那两秒而已。they had 6’11 Jim Chones an actual C playing the 5, he played 43 minutes that game. and another backup big playing 19 minutes that game.实际上中锋是2米11的吉姆-琼恩斯,他那场打了43分钟。此外,替补中锋上场了19分钟。
Magic played the 4-3 that game defensively, and the 2 offensively, and 1 when norm went to sit down魔术师那场防守端位置是3-4号位摇摆,进攻端打2号位,带替补时打1号位[–]Warriorsmoneygreen13 245赞1 day agoThat Magic Johnson deserved his first finals mvp .勇士球迷:魔术师约翰逊理应拿到第一个FMVP 。Kareem had better stats and was more impactful all series.系列赛中贾巴尔数据更好,影响力更大。
The voters changed their votes to magic Johnson because Kareem was not in attendance and they didn’t want to give it to a player who couldn’t receive it.投票的人投给魔术师是因为贾巴尔不在现场,他们不想把奖颁给一个没法领的人。[–][BOS] Marcus SmartIdEgoLeBron 60赞1 day agoAnything about Tyreke Evans’s decline.凯尔特人球迷:任何有关泰瑞克-埃文斯下滑的讨论。
Everyone blames it on a variety of factors, but really he kept getting inuries that, while not significant, started to add up.所有人把下滑归结为多种因素,但实际上他伤病频发,虽然都不是大伤,但还是久病成疾。Yeah, he didn’t have a great role after his first season, but it was really the injuries.当然,第一个赛季后他没能在合适的位置上,但主要是伤病惹的祸。
[–]Bigfish150 6赞13 hours agoAlso a lot of coaches that wouldnt play him at his best position, pg.而且很多教练不让他打自己最擅长的位置,控卫。
[–]bobmcbob1 33赞18 hours agoThat AI always missed practice because it’s not the game. When in fact he missed that practice because of his best friend’s death因为不是比赛,所以AI总是缺席训练。事实上艾弗森错过那次训练是因为自己最好的朋友去世了
[–]CelticsConor27 121赞1 day agoSince I’ve started watching…凯尔特人球迷:要从我记事说起的话……that people were shocked or thought Kobe didn’t deserve the FMVP in 2010.是人们觉得科比不配2010年FMVP。
He 100 percent earned that and there were even debates that Kobe should’ve won it even if the Celtics won the series.他百分百配得上,坊间甚至有凯尔特人夺冠科比也应获得FMVP的讨论。that Pierce and the Celtics “always sucked” before KG and Ray Allen got there.还有皮尔斯和凯尔特人在KG和雷-阿伦来之前“菜的抠脚”的传闻。
Sure they only won 24 games the year before those two got there, but Pierce missed nearly half the season and the Celtics sat him for much of the second half of the season.当然三巨头前一赛季,凯尔特人只赢了24场,但那赛季皮尔斯缺阵近一半比赛,下半赛季基本都是坐板凳。They also had a super young team around him and other injury concerns.而且,那只凯尔特人很年轻,还有各种伤病隐患。To add to this, the Celtics were a playoff team for four seasons prior to missing the playoffs a couple of times.此外,凯尔特人没打进季后赛那段时间之前,曾4年打进季后赛。
There were essentially what the Hawks were from 09-15.和09-15年的老鹰差不多一个情况。
That Rondo was a “star” on the 08 title team. Just look at his stats that season, and you’ll realize he wasn’t .还有隆多在08冠军阵容中是“球星”的事。看看他那赛季数据,你就明白怎么一回事了。
[–]CelticsOverallPrettyGood 115赞1 day agoKareem being the GOAT before MJ.Magic/Larry and even Wilt/Russell were commonly thought of as superior players at the time.凯尔特人球迷:贾巴尔是乔老爷出现前的历史最佳。魔术师/大鸟还有张伯伦/拉塞尔在那时候都被普遍认为是超强球员。
[–]LakersPolar_Reflection 23赞1 day agoWasn’t there a post a while ago that dug up a bunch of old articles where reporters considered Oscar the GOAT?湖人球迷:之前不是有一贴,挖出一大堆老文章,说以前的报道把大O当作史上最佳?
[–]Pistonsfatt_maddison 7赞14 hours agoYep and jerry west too. My dad says people mentioned Elgin Baylor too.活塞球迷:对的,还有杰瑞-韦斯特。我老爹说有的人还认为贝勒爷是最佳。[–]Mavericksdragula15 17赞22 hours agoDirk was always a slow and unathletic spot up shooter.独行侠球迷:司机一直是又慢又没运动能力的定点投手。
[–]AnittaSupervisor 67赞1 day agothat 90s and 80s defense was better80年代90年代的防守更好[–]Sunsarothen 70赞1 day agoThat Nash didnt deserve his MVPsI even seen opinion that CP3 is better than Nash lately, lol.太阳球迷:纳什配不上他的MVP我最近甚至看到过保罗比纳什更好的观点,哈哈。
[–]an1234567890 67赞1 day agoI mean, it’s not like Nash is on some different level than CP3, you could argue that either are better than the other好吧,纳什并没有超出保罗一档,你说谁更强都有的一争[–]76ersACEPACEACE 66赞1 day agoThat Lebron has no help76人球迷:老詹没帮手
[–]shanmustafa[S] 88赞1 day agoi think from 03-10 that was pretty true.03-10年那段时间是真没帮手。2011-2016, had help(although 2013 playoffs.. wade’s knees were FUCKED and he did not play even all star level good in those playoffs, same with Bosh) (and in 2015 obviously after Kyrie and Kevin Love go down it’s not enough)2011-2016年,有帮手(虽然13年季后赛韦德的膝盖萎了,季后赛阶段也没有表现出全明星水准。波什也一样)(还有2015年欧文和乐福伤退后也没帮手)
2017 like in a normal year it was enough, but when the avengers form in golden state it’s not enough help..像2017年一样的正常年份,帮手足够多,但勇士集齐复仇者联盟阵容后,帮手就不够了……2018, not enough at all2018,完全没有
2019, i think it was fine, no contender good, but fine good. and up until christmas everything was fine and then Lebron, lonzo, ingram, rondo missed like a combined 140 games2019年,我觉得还行,没强力帮手,但还不错。然后直到圣诞一切都正常,紧接着老詹,球哥,莺哥,隆多加起来伤缺了140多场比赛



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